An Amazing Accessory For A Modern Closet: The Red Backpack

A backpack is a versatile and multifunctional accessory that can be used for a variety of purposes. The accelerated rhythm of modern life simply forces both practitioners and aesthetes to look for something that will perform all the necessary functions. This will emphasize the impeccable course of its owner. A red backpack can be the brightest, most eye-catching and exclusive element in a fashionable image.

Basic Types Of Shoulder Bags

Backpacks or shoulder bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors. Fashionable red women’s backpacks will impress you with a rich palette of colors, complex configurations, original accessories and unusual decorative elements.

However, do not consider this accessory solely as a fashion element. The classification below will prove that originally these devices were used for radically different purposes:

  • The classic urban dweller backpack is a compact shoulder products. In red color you can find models completely laconic design and quite voluminous designs, complemented by a mass of functional and decorative pockets. Bright backpacks take honorable place in the closet of schoolchildren and students, business people and creative individuals with an unconventional vision of fashion;
  • Cycling accessories. These are small backpacks that can be successfully used in summer, fall and winter. They are equipped with a drinking system, reflective patches, special storage. These youth bags, used according to their purpose (for bike rides or for sports), choose exactly in bright color. The scarlet palette is the best option;
  • “Stormtroopers” are special devices for hikers, used on the most difficult sections of the trail. They are functional, characterized by a particularly complex design. Red is not a favorite color, as it is very impractical;
  • Tactical models are components of military uniforms. They have nothing to do with the world of fashion. Products are designed from the perspective of needs and functional potential, but in no way for aesthetic purposes.

To enrich your “fashion arsenal” with something stylish and interesting, it is worth considering red urban backpacks. Militarized analogues and devices for professional tourists are irrelevant here.

How To Choose The Perfect Backpack

Red women’s backpacks always catch the eye. However, to successfully use such a bright attribute, it is imperative to choose a quality model that will suit its future owner for all parameters.

Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind when going shopping:

  • Because of the special appeal and magnetism of all shades of scarlet palette, you should be very careful to choose accessories in red from the perspective of textures and seasonality;
  • In winter, it is better to buy a red leather backpack, a women’s shoulder bag made of velvet, corduroy or suede;
  • In summer, lighter textures are welcome – linen, knitwear, synthetic materials “with a rack”. This is the perfect time when the bright background can be complemented with all sorts of decorative elements – floral embroidery, for example;
  • If a girl’s closet is dominated by bright, colorful clothes decorated with embroidery, stickers, all sorts of prints, the best choice is a small monochrome red backpack with modest accessories;
  • Laconic closet, where things are presented in minimalism, you can safely decorate the backpack with the most incredible decorative elements;

When considering small red backpacks, it is imperative to understand when and how they will be used. A cocktail dress and a casual outfit will require completely different style accessories.

Fashion Trends 2022-2023

It is better to buy several options at once when adding to your closet shoulder bags. Each model, although pleasing to the eye, will not be able to fit into all images of the modern city lady. For example, at work, for a walk, and for a social gathering, you will need three completely different approaches.

New Original Models Of Backpacks

The trends of the new season, touching on “backpack fashion”, are striking in their diversity. Consider the most popular models of shoulder bags:

  • Backpack bags imitating vintage trunks with décor “in theme”. A distinctive feature is a special leather or suede inserts. Sometimes uses artificially aged material, heavy fittings, silver-plated decor or parts with a bronze cast;
  • Miniature pieces with a cute floral print;
  • Large bulky models, equipped with functional and decorative pockets, with lots of trimmings. Usually they look quite rough, but they are perfect for bold street style;
  • Simplified backpacks-bags, which are just tied with a cord. Many models are made from lightweight textiles or fashionable nowadays “fluffy” fabrics. However, especially spectacular looks lightweight version of a shoulder bag made of leather.

Urban models with prints and various decorations of large and medium size remain popular. Also very popular are the so-called casual style backpacks. They are something between a typical school backpack, handbag and briefcase. With this accessory, you will have no problem figuring out what to wear, what to pair it with, and which accessories will compliment the image.

Red Leather Backpack – The Temptation Of Quality And Practicality

Perhaps the most popular material for creating bags and backpacks is leather. Those who are afraid of the price of products have an alternative – eco-leather. In any case, backpacks from this material will look especially spectacular. The red color will play with new colors, as on the glossy cloth, and on the refined matte surface.

Leather shoulder bag in red color pairs well with many basic things in the closet:

  • A lightweight dress and a weightless cape will perfectly complement a small backpack with intricate decorations, making a fashionable image more extravagant;
  • Roomy backpack blue and red color without auxiliary decor will look advantageous with any things from denim (jeans, jacket, overalls, sundress, a long denim dress), tracksuits, any loose-fitting clothes (including with dresses informal type);
  • Leather backpack-portfolio, from a distance resembling some kind of container, can successfully complement the business image. For work and study models in red color is better replaced by more restrained analogues: any wine shades, “milk chocolate” or “cappuccino”.

The rich texture of leather is not always exalted in the design of a shoulder bag. The glossy surface of the product can be decorated with all kinds of drawings, embroidery, appliques. Such models of backpacks in red color go well with simple casual outfits. This can be a simple pair of jeans, a free-cut sweater, sweatshirt, informal pants and any sports shoes.

Floral Motifs Are A Delicate Trend

Red linen is the perfect basis for all kinds of experiments with floral decorations. The famous combination “black roses-red background” or the inverse “orange roses-black background” stands out. Embroidery and prints of this kind can transform rough backpacks more delicate and sophisticated.

They are brimming with tenderness and coquetry, but require a particularly careful approach to the choice of “partners” in creating a stylish look. A bag with a floral print should be paired with monochrome items.

Casual skinnies, jeans, denim dresses, and long sundresses are the most versatile options. With a classic coat in a calm color without decorations, a simple jacket or vest of a neutral color, the image is completed. Ideal footwear – sneakers with lacing on the platform, boots on a small wedge.

How To Create A Fashionable Image With A Red Backpack

Experts are tirelessly sharing advice on how to properly combine your favorite shoulder bag with other things in the closet. Fashion changes, trends are rapidly transformed into completely cardinally different elements, and a good backpack can serve more than one season, so you need to know how to properly play with this detail in looks. Here are a few valuable recommendations:

  • The more elegant the shoes, the smaller the backpack itself should be. This rule is especially true if all the items in the look are quite feminine or belong to the strict classical style;
  • To your favorite coat you can pick up a backpack of similar fabric (the only difference will be the color). In this case these two parts can always be combined in one stylistic composition regardless of other details in the image;
  • If the backpack is planned to use a very long time, it is always better to choose a model in a simple design and “clean” color. To refresh your favorite thing successfully adapted to a particular outfit, you can decorate the backpack itself. We are talking about removable appliques, fur trinkets, bright shiny accessories.

Any shoulder bag looks good for casual, traditional urban images, for youth, sports and all avant-garde styles. In any case, this accessory will take a place of honor in the modern fashionable closet.

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