Always Gorgeous Black Lace Dress: Choose Your Style

It is difficult to find a more iconic element of a women’s closet than the “little black dress.” This little thing impresses with its versatility, practicality, elegance and “talent” to emphasize the femininity and charm of its owner.


Black lace dress

Another important nuance: the black dress can always be modified and get a new quality clothing item. Let’s consider the basic styles, fashionable jewelry and bold fashion experiments that can be done with a modest black outfit.

Cocktail Dress Reference

The cocktail dress combines the solemnity of the evening gown and the restrained business daytime attire. A black dress decorated with expensive lace, knee-length, is ideal for the role of “the most elegant outfit.

Black lace dress

The history of the appearance of this style is quite fascinating. During Prohibition times, there were forbidden stormy celebrations, but resourceful fashionistas still found a way to get together and enjoy socializing with each other. The important point was to decorate a strictly daytime dress with an elegant element, which led to the creation of the cocktail dress style.

Lace dress with long sleeves

Gold Standard Of The Black Dress By Coco Chanel

Fashion experts usually distinguish between the concept of a cocktail dress and a little black outfit from the Great Coco. The following attributes characterize black outfits by Chanel:

  • Sleeve narrow length “three-quarter;
  • Length “just below the knees;
  • The neckline is semicircular in shape;
  • The silhouette is clear, strict cut.

Initially, the dress was conceived without using any decoration, but the thirst to make the outfit more festive and exclusive still won. Most fashionable women decorate the traditional “Chanel style” with lace inserts.

Lace Dress

Ideal Fabrics For Creating Fashionable Black Lace Dress

The main condition that must be observed when creating a luxurious, fashionable outfit: is to use only expensive high-quality lace. It is this element that will attract the most attention. In addition, a good fabric will please with practicality and durability.

Long lace dress

The following types of fabrics can be used as a black fabric base:

  • Chiffon;
  • Atlas;
  • Knitwear;
  • Crepe;
  • Velvet;
  • Silk.

Linen and cotton are used very rarely. In principle, a black dress can look interesting, but the lace decoration will look rather ridiculous.

For a restrained, elegant, calm ensemble, it is recommended to use lace decorations of similar color for a black dress. If you plan to create a more creative daring image, you can use techniques of sharp contrast. “Classic” are considered red, white and silver colors of lace.

Asymmetrical Black Lace Dress

The popularity of asymmetry has faded a bit, but that’s no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of putting on a similar outfit. The black dress with lace is perfect for experimenting with uneven edges and specific decorations.

Lace dress

Uneven hemlines will help to disguise problem areas (hide the scar, distract attention from plump calves, etc.). An asymmetric sleeve makes the silhouette more mysterious, which will help to hide from prying eyes a tattoo, inappropriate in this environment or not combined with a classic outfit. An unusual bodice or stylish decor on the waist will help to hide “superfluous” and emphasize the “important.”

Asymmetry can manifest itself not only in the cut but also in the decoration itself. For example, lace decorates only one side of the dress, one sleeve or part of the hem. It looks more restrained but no less elegant.

Dress Jacket: The Epitome Of Elegance

Cut for spectacular black dresses, neatly decorated with expensive luxurious lace. The main features are:

  • Strict fit;
  • Tight silhouette;
  • The bodice is usually catchy, decorated with original accessories or an unusual cut (but not always);
  • The recommended length is up to the knees.

A black dress case is decorated with a small amount of lace. Usually, they decorate the bodice, hem or part of the sleeves. The abundance of lace elements tends to weigh down the outfit, making it ridiculous and tasteless. “Outfit” requires quality fabric, impeccable cutting and a mature style.

Black dress with lace sleeves

Retro Style

A black dress with spectacular lace inserts, decorations of ruffles, pleats and other elements is the perfect base to create a stunning retro look. The perfect outfit to create a cute vintage mood is a black strappy dress with a bare back. Lace inserts can be on the sides, ornate the hem or completely cover the base of the dress.

Dress with an open back

World-class fashion houses always complement their collections with dresses of a given style. As accessories, they recommend restrained shoes in pastel colours, a string of pearls or an expensive silver brooch.

Evening Lace Dress: Uniform For Fatale Seductress

As previously mentioned, lace decor’s versatility creates a spectacular cocktail outfit. You cannot hold back your creative impulses by forming a luxurious dress for an evening out.

Lace Evening Dress

The main characteristics of an evening gown:

  • The fit must be impeccable;
  • Fabric for sewing the highest quality (choose a material exclusively from the category of “expensive”);
  • The length of the dress is well below the knee.

The undoubted trend in 2015-2016 is the finishing of evening gowns – translucent plumes and hemlines with rich openwork trim. Dense brocade with lace elements or “thick” decor is no less relevant.

Long lace dress

Lace is always in vogue in the fashion shows of Dolce, Valentino, Feretti and Roberto Cavalli. In any case, quality lace will always add chic and respectability to the classic black evening dress.

Basque Dress

Basque is an amazing element. It can transform almost any style beyond recognition. Having stormed the world’s catwalks a few years ago does not hurry to give up its position. Many fashion experts classify dresses with a basque as a separate style. Black outfits with lace decorations are equally well suited for slender young girls and solid ladies with appetizing forms.

Dress in a basque

There are several types of basque fit. The overstated basque on a reserved cut dress is suitable for ladies wishing to hide certain figure flaws. The central landing is a versatile option. A basque, located just below the waistline, is designed to correct the figure of an “inverted triangle” and for skinny girls with atypical figures.

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