All Shades Of Chestnut Hair

Chestnut hair color refers to natural hair color. It is often found in nature. Its variety of shades is hard to describe. We can speak of a whole palette. Women with brown hair, according to psychologists, look reliable, balanced, and sincere. Kohler is good at masking damage, gives the hair a healthy look, creates visual volume.

creating suitable

The color is suitable for adult ladies, young girls, middle-aged women. I am finding the best tone for your skin type and looks.

The chestnut will go best with a neutral skin tone. If you have imperfections, you should go for lighter shades.

Any shades are acceptable for brown eyes. Greens – reddish, copper, caramel, chocolate. Cool or ashy for blue eyes and copper for grey.

The eyebrows should match the overall range.

Dark Brown

It fits women of all ages and types. Looks the best on women with delicate features. On women with light, cold skin and pale eyes.

The shades are INDOLA 3.0 dark brown natural, ESTEL 4/7 and Garnier 4 brown, LONDA 4/77 Shaten intensive brown, Syoss 3-1 and PALETTE # 2 dark brown.

Light Brown

It suits girls with dark or tanned skin tones. For women with grey hair, go for a different shade. This one washes out quickly from greying hair.

The shades are INDOLA 5.0 natural light brown, ESTEL 6/7, OLLIN 6/77 and LONDA 6/77, Garnier 5.12, Syoss 5-21 light brown.

Cold Brown

Consistent with natural, approaching dark blush, only ½ tone darker. The shade is so natural that it is hard to see the coloring with the naked eye. It perfectly masks the gray—a freshener for the face. Frosty brown makes a woman look beautifully harmonious.

The most suitable shades are ESTEL 6/67 violet and brown, OLLIN performance 6/72 dark blonde brown/purple, Syoss 5-24, and Garnier 4.15 frosty brown.

Chestnut Ginger

Looks advantageous in the presence of freckles. It rejuvenates older women. It makes their face look fresher. Choose it if you have a warm color type.

For coloring, choose Garnier 5.23, LONDA 7/07, and Wella Color Touch Plus 55/03.

Ash Brown

Fits light-colored eyes and skin. It blends well with gray hair. They are mainly used for complex colors. For colder color types – Winter, Summer.

Colors: INDOLA 4.1 medium ash brown, ESTEL 7/71 ash brown, BOUTICLE 6/71 dark brown ash brown, LONDA 7/71 ash brown.

Chestnut Blond

Looks natural. Has a beautiful sheen to it. Indoors, it’s a pretty dark shade that takes on a lovely brown hue in the sun.

It’s a natural-looking shade.

Select from: INDOLA 4.0 medium brown natural or ESTEL 6/7 brown.

You can choose from INDOLA 4.0 medium brown natural or ESTEL 6/7 brown.

Copper Brown

Warm shade. Goes for women with warm, olive, golden skin. For the Autumn and Spring color types. It is recommended for women with golden freckles. Well, it shades the skin defects. Conceals the gray hair.

Colorants: ESTEL 5/74 brown with copper, LONDA 7/74 blonde brown-colored, PALETTE K16 copper brown.

Chocolate Brown

It has a saturated, darker shade. Suitable for masking graying, especially early graying. Does not influence the color of the eyes and skin. But it is particularly successful with straight curls or fine wavy hair.

Entirely darker shades.

ESTEL 5/77 enhanced brown, BOUTICLE 6/7 light chocolate, WELLA 4/77 hot chocolate, Garnier 5.35 dark chocolate, Syoss 4-8 auburn chocolate.

Golden Brown

Gold goes for women of the warm type – Autumn, Spring. These are women with green, brown, golden, and amber eyes. Their skin is golden, swarthy, with freckles.

I prefer the shades INDOLA 5.3 light brown or INDOLA 4.3 medium brown gold, OLLIN performance 10/73 light brown-golden blond, LONDA 5/73 light brown-golden shade, WELLA 8/73 light brown-golden blond.

Caramel Brown

Mild and warm tone. Suits women with blonde blond locks for the older ladies. It gives the best facial shade and conceals flaws.

Select WELLA 7/71 amber marten, Garnier 6.34 caramel, Syoss 4-6 light honey chestnut, PALETTE LG5 dark caramel.

Black Chestnut

Intermediate shade between brown and black. It is recommended for those who have cool colors with flawless skin. It allows the creation of the image of a poised, businesslike, self-confident lady. The best choice is WELLA 4/71 tiramisu, Garnier 3 dark chestnut, Syoss 4-1 black.


It is recommended for middle-aged women. Suitable for masking, graying, rejuvenating the face, and giving curls a healthy look.

ESTEL 4/75 brown-red, LONDA 7/45 copper-red blond, LONDA 4/75 brown-red shade, WELLA 8/74 Irish red, Syoss 5-28 red-brown.

Dyeing Blond Hair

There shouldn’t be any difficulty in the case of a blonde base. It’s easy to get the result you want. In some cases, you may need to cleanse it. The hair is lightened to get a clean base. They are then tinted using a dye mixed with 1.5 to 3% oxidant.

The coloring mixture is first applied to the roots and then distributed to the lengths.

The main disadvantage of dyeing light, lightened locks is that brown dyes wash out quickly. It would help if you used unique cosmetics to maintain the color.

The main disadvantage of dyed blonde hair is that it washes out quickly.

Dyeing Dark Curls

Dark-haired people need a pre-lightening treatment. We start with a lightning paste. We need to achieve a level 8 tone – a yellow-red color. You can then tone it to the color you want.

You can use modern types of coloring – AirTouch, relief melting, she touch, ombré. This will give you a smooth, beautiful, layered result.

How To Care

For the color to firm up well immediately after dyeing, you need to use products designed to care for after dyeing. These include shampoo, conditioner, and mask. It is obligatory to use such cosmetics within two weeks after dyeing. Then it can be interchanged with the usual shampoo.

Tinting balms and shampoos

  • CONCEPT FRESH UP – contains ingredients that lock in the pigment.
  • Ollin Intense Profi Color Brown Hair Shampoo – Great for tinting. It moisturizes, strengthens, shines, and brightens.
  • Ollin Intense Profi Color Brown Hair Shampoo
  • Syoss Color Full “Cold Brown” – colors your hair and helps get rid of gray. It compares favorably to other variants because it contains no ammonia. After application, a natural shine comes out.
  • Ollin Intense Profi Color Brown Hair Balsam – Lengthens the shade. It makes it exceptionally long-lasting on blond, dark, chocolate-toned hair. A gentle hair conditioner that revitalizes your hair. It gives them a fresher, brighter, healthier look. The formula prevents frequent dyeing and makes it easy to comb.
  • Estel love ton 6/74 Dark Chestnut is a gentle product without hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. It contains mango extract, which has protective properties. The formula has a nourishing, reparative, and moisturizing effect. It gently tints the hair while caring for and securing the product.
  • The formula nourishes, repairs, and moisturizes.
  • Tonics 4.0 Chocolate does not contain ammonia, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide. It has white linseed extract and unique ingredients to gently care for and strengthen your hair, give them a natural look, enhance brightness, and tone the roots.

It also gives constantly uses masks. They help to rest and ore structure of the horny formations and eliminate the crossing of their ends. The active ingredients they contain quickly penetrate the shaft and follicles, filling the microvoids. The result is reduced overall porosity and the elimination of breakage.

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