Add A Stylish Stole To Your Outfit

The first long stoles decorated the silhouettes of fashionable women dressed in antique dresses. For several hundred years, the classic version of the product has not changed, but a vast variety of new options appeared from cashmere, fur and openwork models. Beautiful and elegant detail of women’s closet is thrown over the shoulders – on top of a dress, coat, jacket, tied at the neck, and also serves as headwear. The product goes with any clothing and leaves no woman indifferent. With the help of a simple and elegant item, the owner’s image becomes more attractive and emphasizes individuality.


A popular item in women’s closets is a rectangular canvas of large dimensions – length up to 200 cm, width from 50 to 75 cm. Such products serve as a supplement to the basic outfit and can easily be turned into original independent clothing.

The most popular stoles for women are made of:

  • Half Wool.
  • Delicate and soft wool – cashmere, including the elite pashmina material.
  • Silk and chiffon.
  • Viscose microfiber – micro modal (thinner than silk).
  • Velvet.
  • Cotton.
  • Georgette.
  • Knitwear.
  • Mecha.

The density of the fabric depends on the season of wearing a scarf – it can be both cool and warm periods of the year. Knitted products such as a cape are indispensable in any weather. For example, thin silk stoles on a hot day will protect the skin from the sun’s rays and prevent burns on the exposed parts of the body (shoulders and arms), and cashmere or fur stoles will be very helpful in the cold season.

Products are presented in a wide variety of colours and prints of different themes. This may be a wide and narrow stripes, floral patterns, geometric figures, images of animals and ornaments. As an additional decoration are the ruffles, fringes, tassels and frills of different widths.

Stoles are often thrown around the neck, and the options for tying them are huge. It all depends on the personal preferences of the owner. It is a selected accessory not only to the dress or outerwear but also to the hair, makeup and any other subject – shoes, handbags, belts and even hairpins. The most original tie was the stole on the head. Such a closet item allows you to create different variations of headwear.

Fashionable Options

The fashion for stoles is directly related to their versatility. A knitted scarf allows you to do wonders. Basic variations on how to tie a stole on a coat or dress:

  • A “moth” is thrown over the shoulders, and after twisting on the chest, the ends of the cloth are thrown over both shoulders. Special clips or fibulae are used as hairpins to prevent the corners from disintegrating.
  • The “bow” is placed in the center or on either side. To make it very simple – the scarf is thrown around the neck asymmetrically, and the long part of the fabric is folded and intercepted in the middle by the short end.
  • The sleeved shawl is similar to a bolero cape. Each end of the scarf is folded in half and made together to make a cuff. The fabric is draped over the shoulders, and the arms are inserted into the cuffs.
  • “Loop” – the product is folded in half, and the ends are pulled into the resulting loop. It is up to everyone to choose how much to tighten.
  • The easiest version is in the form of a vest. The two ends of the scarf, wrapped around the neck, hang freely in front, forming shelves, which can be at the same height or asymmetrically. A narrow belt or wide belt is used to fasten the two parts.
  • Model “flower.” The knitted fabric is placed in the shoulder area so that its ends are on the chest, and their length must differ. The longer edge is thrown on the opposite shoulder, and its future is secured with a pin while the shorter end remains in place. This option is suitable for scarves with fringes that frame the composition.

Wool or knitted unusual stoles can be both dense and openwork and have a variety of patterns and colours. A vast range of products is presented in the catalogues of online stores.

The stole has gained popularity due to its large size and is constantly in trend. The product is well-worn and does not go out of fashion. Soft cashmere stoles go with any clothes and make their owner attractive and a model of femininity.

The trend of the fashion season Fall-Winter 2022 is a stole in a check, which complements the coat or jacket. The fashion season dictates certain rules for wearing monochrome stoles – they are matched to one of the elements of clothing by tone, which allows you to create a chic look for any occasion.

Fans of calm shades choose chocolate and gray stoles so they manage not to attract attention. Too bright colours of kerchiefs are suitable for courageous individuals who are not afraid to stand out among the other members of the fairer sex. For refined natures, products in gentle pastel palettes and monochrome colours are still in fashion.

A special place is occupied by a knitted or furry white stoles, which serve as a supplement to a wedding or evening dress/costume, as well as used for everyday wear. A separate position is occupied by chic openwork stoles, which are incomparably beautiful and elegant.

To make a rectangular cape, different material is used. Silk and chiffon scarf will enrich any evening gown, and the fur product will add luxury and make the image inimitable. Evening stoles can be selected in the tone of the dress. With the help of expensive products, it is easy to create a contrast, so you get personality, style and special brightness.

Famous Brands

High-quality accessories are the products of Italian, French and Turkish manufacturers. Chinese firms offer the budget option. Popular are the brands:

  • PHILIPP PLEIN (Turkey).
  • ETRO (Chinese production).
  • LV (France).
  • DIMINN (Italy).

Famous brands of Chinese manufacturers are represented by stoles made of natural fur – gilded fox, albino fox, chinchilla rex and knitted mink.

How To Style A Stole With Other Items

Perfectly combines stoles with coats made of drape and cashmere (both demi-seasonal and warm). For example, a fitted silhouette of dark-coloured outerwear will decorate a beige stole made of half-wool, the ends of which will freely fall. Warm fur stoles are suitable for austere coats with closed collars.

With the onset of cold autumn days, woollen stoles will come in handy. They can easily match any item, such as handbags or gloves. There is a harmonious combination of stoles with jackets, especially leather ones. Half-woollen autumn stoles with a fashionable print in a single colour can be thrown over the jacket with a hood. Such options are well complemented by “bottoms” in the form of jeans, pants, or a narrow or flared skirt.

Lace stoles occupy a special place in the assortment. Openwork products from thin threads are combined with light dresses. Voluminous knitted products are worn with any warm clothes. Every self-loving woman should have consequences for any occasion in life:

  • Warm models – 2-3 items for the fall and winter seasons;
  • up to 4 units of silk and satin;
  • One exquisite lace cape and one fur cape are enough.

It would help if you stocked up on a wide pashmina with tassels for business attire.

How To Tie A Stole On Your Head

It is very important to have a beautiful and neat headband. Such an accessory is appropriate to wear in hot and cool weather, but for many people, it is still a secret how to tie a stole to keep it securely and not unwind quickly. This technique requires skill.

The scarf is shaped in several ways. It is possible to tie a stole in the form of:

  • Normal headscarf – the ends are tied under the chin or loosely thrown back on the shoulders, twisted and transferred to the front.
  • Turbines – the head in the forehead area is wrapped with a folded scarf. The ends are crossed at the back of the head. Once again, the head is wrapped, then the ends are tied to the forehead.
  • Capes. The fabric is simply thrown over the head, and the loose ends are wrapped around the neck and tied.

The knots forming the original scarf headbands can be several, so a knotted knot is obtained. The knot can be made in the back and front with a twisted flagellum. Interesting options are offered by the “turban,” “tourniquet,” and “braids” techniques.

The most difficult is to use two scarves of different colours. This technique is called “oblique” – after fixing the two cloths, strips of different colours are wrapped around the head obliquely, resulting in a herringbone pattern. The remaining ends are hidden between the layers of wrapping.

How To Wear A Stole Scarf?

There are many ways to wear rectangular scarves, but simply throwing the fabric over your shoulders is the most common. Such a cape creates coziness and comfort, and a down stole keeps you warm on a chilly day. If the product acts as an independent accessory in the warm season to create a sundress or tunic, the winter stole is designed to be worn over clothing.

To create an optimal image, a mandatory condition is to match the chosen product not only with other items but also with the figure. Suppose any article is suitable for slender women. In that case, the representatives with a full figure and small height should not use too voluminous stoles, as they can get a negative distortion of proportions. But there is no limitation to wearing it with a dress. The main thing is to choose the item by colour and type of fabric. A down stole can accentuate the chosen style and add elegance to the image.

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