A Variety Of 80s Makeup

Beauty trends of the past are once again becoming the everyday norm. Makeup from the 80s is not only suitable for nostalgic parties. Makeup artists suggest using elements of trends from the past to match modern fashion.

Color Choice

The most popular makeup of the 80s does not imply modesty and tenderness. No restrictions, and more brightness, color and boldness. In fashion were deep blue shades, neon yellow, carrot, lettuce, and different colors of pink and red: coral, fuchsia, and doll.

Also, experimenting with textures and finishes. For example, modern matte shadows or lipsticks in the 1980s seemed dull and empty. Glossy textures, glossy or with metallic effect, are recommended.

Setting The Emphasis

“Proper” makeup involves one bright accent on the face: either the eyes, the lips, or the eyebrows. In the eighties, it was normal to have more than one accent. Metallic lipsticks accompanied by bright shadows or thick and wide messy eyebrows were combined with colorful cheekbones.

Features Of Makeup

In this period, the following things were valued in makeup:

  • Thick, unkempt eyebrows;
  • A lot of bright eyeshadow that extends beyond the crease of the upper eyelid;
  • Foundation and powder half or a whole tone lighter than the skin’s native color;
  • Metallic, pearlescent textures;
  • A lot of bright blushes;
  • Multiple accents.

Where To Apply

It is important to remember that the makeup of the past is based on bright colors, so you can’t use it every day. Strict criteria at work will probably involve only office or nude makeup.

You can let the colors flow at a theme party, exhibitions, clubs and other events without a strict dress code.

How To Do 80s Makeup

A bold look requires painstaking work, diligence, inspiration and free time. Step-by-step instructions will help any girl to make trendy makeup with an accent on the eyes and lips.

  1. Clean and prepare the skin for makeup: apply a moisturizing cream base for the foundation.
  2. Spread the foundation evenly over the face by half a tone lighter to achieve a lighter complexion.
  3. Add a light blush and drape to create a natural-looking shadow.
  4. Use a powder in the color of the foundation to fix the makeup.
  5. Choose the vibrant shades of eyeshadow you like. You can apply one color almost to the eyebrow and complement it with lighter shades in the corner of the eye. To correctly combine several shadows, it is recommended to look at the color wheel combinations. Tips for everyday makeup are also welcome: you need to brighten the area at the bridge of the nose and use darker colors closer to the outer edge.
  6. The lower eyelids do not need to be painted. It is enough to lift the line of lash growth.
  7. You can draw a colored or classic arrow on the upper eyelid if desired.
  8. Carefully paint the lashes with mascara in 1-2 layers, and curl them.
  9. Choose a shiny gloss or glossy lipstick in lush color for the lips.
  10. Fix the result with a spray.

How to adapt makeup to modernity

A lot of color accents in the 21st century will seem absurd, but it is enough to use one or two distinctive features of 80s makeup to blend it seamlessly into modern fashion. Add something from the list to a relaxed, casual nude look, for example:

  • A lush eyebrow shadow;
  • Bright lipstick with a metallic sheen;
  • Gel-styled wide bushy eyebrows;
  • Draping with peach or pink blush.


What to pay attention to when choosing products? Let’s look at the tips of professional makeup artists.

  • You can apply a light concealer to the skin around the eyes and on the eyelids to make the shadows look brighter and the eyes lighter;
  • To add volume to the lips, it is enough to go a little beyond the natural contour with a pencil. Suitable means in the color of lipstick or a shade darker;
  • It is better to replace the classic contouring with a small draping;
  • The eyebrows should not be clear. It is better to add sloppy hairs, knocking out the general row.

Makeup from the 80s is not a thing of the past and is gradually gaining in popularity again. Fashionistas only need to adapt the trends to modern reality appropriately.

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