A Trend For Summer Is Pants With Prints

Women’s closets for summer 2022 will be filled with floral pants. They will help you to create a stylish and fresh image, which will attract the admiring glances of all around. The main thing in selecting a visually appealing and accurate image is the right choice of colour scheme. If you want to do this successfully, you need to know how to combine floral pants with clothes from your closet.

Pants with abstract print

Pants with animalistic print

How To Choose The Right Pattern

Designers give fashionable women the opportunity to buy pants with different kinds of prints. But when choosing a pattern, make sure that it does not look too vulgar on you and fits at least one thing in your closet. Let’s name the trendy prints on women’s pants for summer 2022:

  • Geometric – its complexity lies in the fact that intricate geometric designs can distort the proportions of the figure. Depending on the thickness of the lines and their horizontal or vertical arrangement your legs may appear thicker and shorter or thinner and longer. Pants in small polka dots, with thin discreet stripes, simple geometric shapes look good on almost all legs, full or thin;
  • Large drawings – these can also be geometric prints or plant motifs. Optimally, they should be medium-sized – so there is less risk of adding extra volume to yourself;
  • Animalistic – will attract others with its brightness and boldness. These are pants with a snake or leopard print. Also belong to this category are pants with a camouflage print;
  • Rag pattern – often repeating elements, especially if they are not large in size, can smooth out puffy hips and hide leg imperfections. Most often geometric and floral rhapsodic prints are placed on pants.

Pants with black and white print

Fashionable floral print pants

Women’S Pants With Prints: Fashionable Styles

Pants with a pattern always draw attention to the lower part of the woman’s body. Therefore, in order to choose a suitable model for yourself, you should look not only at the print, but also at the style of pants. In order not to overload the image with unnecessary details, choose pants of a simple cut without additional accessories.

Narrow pants look stylish with a small repeating print. Large prints are not typical for such pants. Even without patterns, wide pants weigh and burden the figure. Drawings on such pants are capable of expanding, causing legs and hips to grow. That is why they are not recommended to big women. Straight cut pants look great with a medium-sized print on any legs.

Fancy pants with purple print

Trendy Printed Cotton Pants

Fashionable pant suit with print

How To Wear Pants With Floral Prints?

Floral pants by themselves already attract a lot of attention, so combine them with a monochrome top. Summer pants are combined with tops, light shirts, t-shirts. In colder weather throw on a jacket or a monochrome blouse. Try to match the colour of the top with one of the main colours on the pants.

With multicoloured pants you can create stylish images for different occasions.

Pants with a large floral print

Leopard print pants

Casual Style

This opens up a wide range of pants designs. You can choose geometric, floral, ethnic or abstract patterns. I think a white blouse will look great with pants with a floral print. In cooler weather the blouse can be replaced by a stylish sweater. Also look stylish wearing sports pants with prints. Such leggings are suitable for any physical activity and are particularly suitable for summer.

Summer pants with print

Striped pants

Business Style

For office work choose pants in a classic palette: black and white, brown, gray. The prints should be simple, geometric and small (checks, stripes, rhombuses). Classic, narrowed at the bottom, or cropped pants. Top with a white or pastel-colored blouse. In cool weather, wear a jacket that matches the pants.

Fashionable pants with a floral print

Fashionable patterned pants

Romantic Style

The cropped pants will be perfectly complemented by a silk or chiffon blouse of light colour. You can also dress up on a date with stylish, animal-printed pants. In these outfits, the choice of top shade is limited, but very effective: white or black. Girls who are determined will pair the ornamented pants with a bright top. It is important to determine the colour scheme of your image. You can only use three main colours in your image! The more colors are present in your image, the more motley and comical you look.

Fashionable Silver Print Pants

Printed pants with high waist

How To Choose Pants With Prints

In order not to regret later on the purchase, follow these basic tips for choosing pants with a pattern:

  • To make the waist and hips smaller, give up models with pockets and large patterns.
  • To visually increase the hips the choice of pants with flowers will be successful. With the type of figure inverted triangle such pants will attract attention to the hips, while adding them a little volume. Unpretentious monochrome top will not attract attention to the broad shoulders, but on the contrary, will make them narrower.
  • Tall and thin girls can easily wear pants with large prints. Girls who are shorter in height should look out for smaller prints.

It takes courage to wear bright pants. Not all girls can successfully select a complex combination of clothes. With the tips in this article, you can easily create a successful and stylish image, which will inspire and enhance your daily images.

Green Printed Pants

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