A Trapeze Dress – A Comfortable Style For A Holiday And Every Day

The trapeze cut received worldwide recognition in the 60s of the last century. At that time, technology offered various materials for making clothes. Fast production could only ensure large-scale production of things at democratic prices. Thanks to innovative cutting ideas, there were models of clothing that did not require much time to produce.

The young fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent proposed a product of a non-standard shape – a trapeze dress, which became the embodiment of youth and freedom. According to the idea of the famous designer, this dress was relatively short. Women’s dresses-trapezii had a simple cut, favourably correcting the defects of the female figure, and were very comfortable to wear. Modern fashion has brought back the popularity of this silhouette, narrowed at the shoulders and widening to the bottom.

Features Of The Trapezoidal Shape

Despite the uncomplicated cut, we can distinguish three types of dresses (depending on the width of the bottom):

  • Trapeze line dress – a basic model that fits well around the shoulders and expands smoothly to the bottom of the dress. Usually, the expansion starts at the level of the armpits and is not very wide at the bottom;
  • Tent dress – also has a trapezoid shape, but the expansion starts from the shoulders, and the bottom of the dress is very loose;
  • A shift dress is a trapeze silhouette dress, which does not expand much, so the model is as close to a straight shape as possible. Such a style looks a little bit strict. Such clothing usually sits perfectly on the figure (in the shoulders and chest area). Many fashionable women wear such dresses with belts of different widths. Shallow darts at the waist level are acceptable. A fitted model is characterized by less figure-fitting than a dress-frontal.

The modern interpretation of the classic dress-trapezoid is a model A-silhouette with a cut-off waist. Products of this style fit into any fashionable woman’s closet, as they allow you to create a stylish image without regard to age or figure features. Cocktail dresses, where the bottom is sewn from translucent or lace materials, have become a real trend. These models allow you to create a bold and provocative image for a holiday party.

Ideally, the length of the dress should be inversely proportional to its width at the bottom. This means that short dresses are sewn wider (within reasonable limits). Designers do not suggest greatly expanding dresses. Otherwise, such clothes will look bulky and ridiculous. The most harmonious look models of dresses with a length slightly above the knees.

Products can be with sleeves of different lengths and styles (lantern, raglan, in the form of wings) or sleeveless. For festive events especially dresses with long sleeves and a thin/wide belt. The most elegant-looking dresses with ¾ length sleeves. These models look original and give a woman’s image of elegance and sexuality, especially if you complement the image with long thin gloves.

The neck may have various forms: triangular, round, boat-shaped, or square. Dresses are also sewn with collars (plunging, stand-up collar). Slim girls will suit models with different neckline forms. Still, owners of magnificent forms are recommended to prefer dresses with a V-neck, which visually elongates the neck and gives the silhouette in proportion.

How To Choose Clothes To Match Trapeze Dress

Dresses trapeze are versatile products, as women and girls of any complexion can choose the appropriate model for every day and the solemn occasion:

  • Ladies with a modest bust (type of figure “inverted triangle”) should prefer models with side darts, patch pockets, small neckline folds, and collar hoofs. Slim ladies will suit dresses with sleeves of medium length. A great choice would be a dress with a raglan sleeve. Such models visually increase the chest and broaden the shoulders. Designers offer models that combine different materials for those who like unconventional images. As an option – a suede dress with knitted sleeves;
  • Women with a bust should choose dresses that are not very wide, with shallow darts at the waist (and the darts can be only on the back);
  • Owners of slender legs and a perfect hourglass silhouette, you can safely wear a short dress with a different bottom width;
  • Dress – a trapeze for chubby women (type of figure “pear/apple”) will help hide the belly, large hips, and unexpressed waist. Models flared from the bust line will perfectly suit such ladies. Choose a medium-length outfit. The optimal variant for ladies with magnificent hips is dressed just below the knees with a slightly tight-fitting figure. For a holiday dinner, you can pick up a blue or dark green silk dress of medium length with long chiffon sleeves. Owners of the figure of “apple” are recommended to look at shorter products, which will appreciate the slender legs of the fashionista.

A slightly extended silhouette (almost straight) will suit almost all women of the fair sex (any build and age). And models with a cut-off basque will help visually create an ideal shoulder line. A dress with a rectangular basque can visually correct the height of high fashion ladies, thanks to the horizontal seam under the chest. And the round basque will give the dress a delicate and cozy look. Thanks to the loose cut, it perfectly disguises the waistline.

Models with flounces at the bottom of the dress will also fit into the closet of any fashionista. Such decorations are suitable for dresses of different lengths. However, you should correctly correlate the length of the dress and the width of flounces. Mini and midi models look more harmoniously with narrow flounces or medium width. Although designers offer young fashionistas mini models with wide ruffles. Such dresses look like products with an understated waistline.

Dresses In Different Lengths

Trapeze-shaped clothing of any length looks great. The most common are floor-length, midi and mini models.

  • A long trapeze dress will create an original image for a summer day and a festive event. Such models are usually sewn from light, flowing fabrics, elegantly fitting the figure. For holidays and walks, perfectly suit dresses of patterned fabrics. Look at original summer models with open backs. To please the whims of fashionable women with different complexions, designers created custom dresses and trapezes with a difference in length. Such models, elongated at the back and short in front, allow to demonstrate shapely legs and make the silhouette visually slimmer.
  • Dresses trapeze midi-length harmoniously complement both casual closet and office. Knee-length models or slightly below will make the full lady visually slimmer, especially with high-heeled shoes. Narrow belts can complement such dresses. These models cannot be considered shapeless, thanks to an excellent fit at the level of the shoulders and chest.
  • It is the short trapeze dresses. They are considered classic models. Such clothing coquettishly emphasizes the charm and charm of slender young fashionistas. Very short fashionable trapeze dresses look original in a look with narrow pants, jeans or shorts. A special advantage of the product is excellent compatibility with all kinds of shoes (from sports to elegant evening shoes).

Dress trapeze refers to the clothes that organically complement the closet of fashionable women of any age or build because these models are perfectly combined with various closet items.

Current Color Palette

Colour is an important component of a woman’s image. Thanks to the right shade, a dress with a simple cut will make a strong impression. Trends of the season are the looks of white and total black. The monochrome and the purity of the cut lines create a refined and beautiful image.

  • The white colour has many shades, so it is important to choose your own. The white dress is perfect for special occasions. Lace inserts or transparent sleeves will give a feminine image of sophistication and glamour. A white linen dress decorated at the bottom with a black print, a small bag on the belt and sandals without heels will create an attractive image for a walk around town.
  • The red colour will bring sexiness to the image. The owner of a red dress will not go unnoticed at any party. If the shade seems too aggressive, you can choose a model with lace back or lace at the bottom for a festive occasion. A dress with an asymmetrical bottom (longer at the back) will help to give the image tenderness and freshness.
  • Black is always a win-win option for any look (business or evening). The black trapeze dress can be considered a universal closet item. Such clothing is appropriate for the working environment, and it is enough to complement the image with a short jacket embroidered with sequins or sewn from silk, and you can safely go to the party. The trendy trend of clothes for parties has become dazzling, so a little black dress with sequins, and silver or gold shades, will be very relevant to any holiday. Or to the modest silk dress are added things in rich metallic shades (shoes, handbag).

Creating a fashionable office closet is not necessarily limited to black and white. The stylish total look is created from clothes in saturated gray, coffee, wine, and dark blue shades.

A stylish evening outfit will create a dress sewn from metallized fabric or material decorated “like gold. To prevent the image from being absurd, choosing shoes made of shiny materials is not recommended. A small handbag or clutch matte leather will perfectly complement the look. A black mini dress with long sleeves, sewn from silk fabric with ornaments, will be perfect for a holiday party. Harmoniously complement the image with transparent black tights, ankle boots and a small handbag. Large rings and earrings can be used as jewelry.

How To Choose A Trapeze Dress For The Season

A special advantage of the silhouette – through a choice of appropriate material, it is easy to pick up a closet for both hot summers and cold autumn or winter days.

Summer dress models

Such clothes are made of light, soft-flowing fabrics. And the material can be monochrome or decorated with various prints. Satin summer dress trapeze sleeveless, perfectly combined with fishnet sweaters or jackets. To create a look in casual style more suitable short denim jacket with three-quarter length sleeves. For work in the office, you can compose a look of linen jackets and midi dresses decorated with thin belts.
For warm days models sewn from chiffon or guipure are also excellent. Such dresses are recommended to wear necessarily with a cover. A great option is a dress with an American armhole. Choosing such a style is recommended for slim skinny girls and women.

A win-win option for a hot day – summer dresses, sleeveless or strapless trapeze. Such models are sewn from thin materials with patterns or ornaments. Very fashionable and interesting look wide ruffles on the bottom of the dress. For an outfit made of fabric with ethnic ornaments, will be appropriate jewelry made of natural stones, wood. On a cool summer evening a short bolero blouse or a thin openwork fabric will exquisitely complement the sleeveless garment, which will give an image of tenderness and bring comfort to the senses.

Clothes for cold days

Dresses of dense fabrics look very different from clothes of soft, flowing materials. Knitted fabrics, wool and thick knitwear are used for sewing winter/autumn garments. The real trend of the season is the use of suede and corduroy.

Suede dresses are sewn from a material that imitates suede (used flock based on the jersey). Designers decorate clothes with zippers, stitching, and perforated patterns. The real breakthrough of office fashion was the use of leather, so if the company’s dress code allows it, you can make a suitable look. A sleeveless trapeze outfit is perfectly combined with thin golf and suede high boots on a flat sole or with a small wedge heel.

An unconventional option was a warm knitted sweater dress as a trapeze. The bright zig-zag print will add vivacity to the image. Popular color combinations are beige/brown/coral, burgundy/gray/green. As a rule, such mini-dresses look better with tight pants or jeans.

For the cold season, are chosen mainly dresses with long sleeves. And the sleeves can be a different cut: narrow, raglan, flared, sleeve-flapjack on the cuff.

A black mini-dress with tight tights would create a great look for a student. To make the outfit not look too gloomy, designers recommend using embroidery/applique located asymmetrically: on the bottom of the dress and the shoulder.

What To Wear With Trapeze Dress?

A simple white trapeze dress with a high neck will perfectly complement a young girl’s closet. Combined with a fashionable, colourful bomber, it will create a look which can be worn to class and for a walk. As for footwear, you should pay attention to ballet flats.

A great option for every day is a knit dress (with ornaments) up to mid-thigh length, black leather jacket with zipper and black boots.

Layered solutions remain among the trends of the current season. And the designers of popular brands offer to combine not only tunics with jeans but also full dresses with pants styles, puffers or kleshlesh.

For a party, stylists suggest choosing a trapeze dress with a frill at the bottom or products with lace and guipure inserts. Unconventional look combining silk dresses with leather jackets. To emphasize the festivity of the situation, it is desirable to choose shoes with high heels. Dressing with a deep neckline like a wide boat will create an original evening look.

Wool, suede or leather dresses are perfectly combined with thin knitted socks. Leather jackets, jackets, and coats will stylishly complement the sets.

To create a fashionable image, combining the dress correctly with other closet items is necessary. However, we must take into account all the details of the image. For a restrained office look enough, a smooth neat hairstyle, but for a party, it is to make unusual styling and more bright makeup and pick up eye-catching jewelry. To recreate the style of the 60s, you can complement the trapeze dress with stylish textile gloves, comb your hair with a comb or curls and be sure to choose the evening makeup with an accent on the eyes.

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