A Stylish Basic Closet For Women Of Only 10 Things

A very familiar picture: a worried woman is standing in front of an open closet. She is surveying her closet, lamenting, “What should I wear?” While this behaviour seems extreme if you are going about your business, when your employer calls you for an urgent job interview, or someone calls you to a gala event, you may find yourself in the same awkward position.

Choosing an effective basic closet.

Never again let yourself be caught off guard because you have nothing to wear! You only need to pick up ten things. What are they? How do you combine them? Here are some tips on how to create a basic closet.

Having a white T-shirt, a smart jacket, an elegant suit, and seven other closet basics in your closet will make getting dressed a lot easier. Stick to this list of 10 basic closet items, and you won’t have to worry about your image even in the most unexpected circumstances:

  • White T-shirt.
  • Dressy jacket.
  • Black pants.
  • Heeled shoes.
  • Dark jeans.
  • Casual dress.
  • White blouse.
  • Black suit.
  • Scarf scarf.
  • Trench.

Plain White T-Shirt

What could be more versatile than this basic item? A plain white T-shirt can be worn under a sweater, over a strappy tank top, tucked in with a skirt, or worn loose with jeans. There is no type of clothing more basic than this. Besides, even such a simple thing can have different variations.

A simple white T-shirt.

The sleeve length, shape and depth of the neckline, material, fit, and tightness may vary depending on the model. Choosing a white T-shirt, pay attention to these points and make the right choice. But be prepared for the fact that such things wear out quickly. Perhaps it makes sense to pick ten different-cut T-shirts for your basic closet?

The styles of white t-shirts.

A Smart Jacket

Such a closet item as a jacket is important for a modern businesswoman. The second place in this list of 10 types of clothing rightfully belongs to it. It is an ideal option for the office. Even if there is no strict dress code, it will complete your image, in which you can confidently appear in front of your colleagues and clients.

The jacket can be chosen in any dark or light colour.

A jacket is the most suitable option if it’s chilly outside but not yet cold enough for a coat. And even during a party or a guest, you can throw it over a cocktail dress. A smart jacket can form any outfit, and you do not need any additional effort not have to be strict and classic. The jacket can be made of bouclé fabric and does not have fasteners. It can replace a classic jacket, or you can lend it to your sister or mother.

Classic Black Pants

A woman’s basic closet must include classic pants. The cut allows for variety. It can be with a high waist and have a low fit. Pants can be shortened or wide. The choice is yours.

Classic black pants.

To create a business style they are worn in combination with classic shoes and a silk blouse, and at weekends – with a T-shirt and boots. Black pants are one of the few items of women’s closet that can be combined with many things. They will always be in and out of fashion.

Classic Heeled Shoes

Excuse me, Prince Charming, but Cinderella would rather wear black leather-heeled pumps today. These timeless fashion favourites have stood the test of time. All because they can be worn both in the morning and in the evening, to visit and to the office, in combination with a skirt or jeans, with pants or a dress.

A basic closet requires one pair of classic shoes.

Flat-soled shoes may be on trend, but heels are always out of competition. No matter if they are simple or with a pattern. Classic black shoes exquisitely complete the image and fit under any clothes.

The shoes can be leather or suede.

Dark Jeans

Most body types fit the slightly flared jeans necessary in today’s world. They can be combined with platform shoes or wedges to appear taller. The comfortable casual style is maintained.

Dark casual jeans.

The advantage of jeans as an everyday thing is that they last longer and slim down. There are many situations where jeans would not be inappropriate.

Choosing jeans for a basic closet.

Casual Dress

As pants have become an acceptable part of the dress code at various events, casual dress has taken a back seat. But such a popular item as pants also needs a break. Only in a dress can one appear in, for example, a church, at formal celebrations, in some theatres or at a wedding.

Choose a casual dress with restrained tones – black, beige, olive or brown.

Invariably popular is the black dress, which is so easy to complement with accessories and is elegant. Perhaps you should prefer a more sophisticated version, which can become a good choice for every day and an evening gowns: flowing bottom, and marked waistline. Under such a dress, you can pick up such an accessory, making your image – if you wish – more or less formal.

The styles of casual dress.

Classic White Blouse

If a white blouse is not part of your 10-piece closet, it’s worth considering. There are hardly any other clothes that can compete with it in combination with possibilities and ways to wear it. A white blouse can always be a substitute for other things. This piece of stylish closet successfully complements pants, a skirt or a business suit.

An indispensable element of the basic closet is a white blouse.

There is a wide variety of blouses to choose from. So as not to be troubled with the problem of choice, choose a light, airy and simple blouse if you are the owner of a large breast, but give preference to a blouse with designs or decorations if your breasts are far from lush. High cuffs make even the most ordinary blouse look much more elegant.

Black Business Suit

In a world where you have to work a lot, where clothes greet you, it is impossible to do without a perfectly fitted to your silhouette, a strict black suit. This is a kind of the gold standard of quality, on which you can always rely, the basis and the essential attribute of the basic closet of a businesswoman.

Black business suit – choose a version with a skirt or with pants.

But its appeal extends far beyond the workplace. Wherever you appear in an elegant black suit, you will always look relevant, modern and sophisticated. So it makes sense to pick the best quality and well-tailored suit you can afford, even if you have to spend more than usual. Another advantage of such a basic closet piece is that you can wear the skirt and the jacket separately.


No matter how simply you are dressed, a scarf with a muffler will add a bright note to your look. It will also perfectly complement more dressy clothes: an evening dress, a business suit and a silk blouse. Let it complement the other items in your basic closet.


A silk or cashmere scarf cannot replace a parka if you have a long walk around the city in mid-autumn. But such a scarf will be a great option if you need to leave the car for a while. Scarfs will advantageously refresh the basic closet of a stylish girl.

Classic Trench Coat

Rounding out this list of 10 items is the ever-fashionable trench coat. Things like a trench coat or a classic raincoat can be worn for a lifetime once you buy one. You can wear them in a dress and jeans or a suit. A trench coat will be appropriate in early fall and late spring, as well as on a cool summer day.

Classic beige trench coat.

Although any clothing combines well with black, you should not limit yourself to choosing this colour as the basis of your closet. If you still prefer classics, adding a coloured scarf, gloves or hat to a trench coat will make an interesting variety.

Trench coat options for a basic closet.

Individual basic closet

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