A Hat With A Pompom: Headwear For The Fashionable And Energetic

Of course, for many people a hat with a pompom brings back memories from childhood. However, today this hat has become a stylish and fashionable accessory. It is popular not only with children, but also with adults.

Designers and fashion boutiques offer all kinds of models of hats with pompoms: connected by hook or knitting from different threads, embroidered with ornaments or patterns, complemented by long ears.

Young fashionistas are trying on original models (hats with two pompoms), and creative fashion houses offer non-standard combinations of colours and textures, so we can say that today a hat with pompoms took first place in the rating of headgear.

Fashionable Models Of Hats With Pompoms

Previously, a small pompom was associated only with a thick knitted sports cap, which was worn in winter by ski lovers or fans of figure skating. Now this fashionable element of headwear has been significantly transformed. Stylists offer winter hats not only with string pompoms, but also with fur. And now these intriguing elements can be placed on top or on the side of the hat, at the ends of the ties.

Traditional knitted hat with a pompom, stylishly decorated with ornaments or patterns, appealed to many young fashionistas, but designers have not stopped at the classics. Putting on a hat with a pompom looks quite unconventional and is quite successful paired with a quilted jacket or coat without a collar.

It also looks wonderful with a fur pompom. This model will suit both small children and teenagers.

Knitted hat with a fur pompom can have a cloth with a large embossed pattern or plain knitted base.

A beanie hat with a pompom complements the closet of any fashionista. And look stylish in black and gray shades, as well as different pastel colours.

A neat pompon can be used to decorate knitted women’s models, as well. Fur details began to elegantly decorate hats and berets.

The fashionable palette of shades is represented by natural colours: beige and yellow, white, black and blue. Color-lovers also have plenty to choose from. A burgundy hat or a blue hat with a pompom look bright and fresh. Such an accessory will definitely catch attention and brighten up your gray days. However, it is imperative to choose the right combination of colours. Lilac or purple hats look great with white clothes, and a green model goes well with blue jackets. For women it is desirable to choose a product made of light colours. A light yellow hat with a natural pompom will suit brown coats or fur coats.

As a rule, hats with natural fur pompoms are knitted from woolen yarn. It is better to choose products made of smooth yarns (merino), as strongly fluffy material can cause skin irritation. An optimal choice for a frosty winter is a helmet hat with a fur pompom, trimmed inside with a lining.

How To Choose A Hat With A Fur Pompom

Before you buy this fashion accessory, you need to consider a few key nuances.

First of all, the height of the person of fair sex is taken into account. A hat with a very large and fluffy pompom will look beautiful on a slender girl of average height. And for tall or short fashionistas it is better to choose models with small neat pompoms.

Large knitted hats, earflaps are ideal for the owners of long and straight hair. And the owners of short hair can opt for beautiful hats-helmets or products with a visor.

Do not forget about the shape of the face. As the oval face is considered ideal, its owner can choose any knitted hat. It is recommended to pay attention to fashionable hats with a large knitting.

Round-faced girls will suit models of thin yarn with a flat canvas and a small pompom. You can pay attention to a brown hat with a laconic pompom without a lapel.

How To Wear Hats With Pompoms?

Buying such an ultramodern accessory, it is necessary to imagine with what kind of clothes it is planned to wear:

  • Men’s hat with a pompon perfectly combines with a coat or quilted vest. Long scarf, voluminous snood will harmoniously complement the closet and make a comfortable walk in an autumn park or a trip out of town. Such a set is quite suitable for both young people and middle-aged men;
  • A hat with a fur pompom, complete with long ears, will protect children from the piercing wind. Knitted hats in the form of animals, decorated with fur pompoms, will be happy to put on a walk even the youngest dandies;
  • A hat with braids and a pompom will appeal to any girl. Moreover, this model can be stylishly worn with hair of any length. Creative look models of large knitting. Especially stylish look combinations of a voluminous hat and oversize coat or puffy sweater.

It is worth noting that almost any winter outfit can be successfully combined with knitted accessories.

Care Instructions For A Knitted Hat With A Fur Pompom

Naturally, with proper care, things will last a long time and will not lose their original appearance. The most acceptable way is to use dry cleaning services. If this option is not considered, you should take into account that fur and knitwear are cleaned differently.

If the fur pompom is detachable, there will be no problems with care. It is enough to read the manufacturer’s instructions and clean it properly. After drying, the fur is fastened back on.

If the pompom is made of fur, it should be placed in a thick plastic bag and tied tightly at the connection to the hat. Then wash it by hand. For this procedure it is better to use water at room temperature, so that the wool does not shrink. Choose a detergent that does not contain bleaches or enzymes, as they can ruin the yarn.

Wring the hat carefully – it is advisable to spread it out on a terry towel and then gently roll it up. The final drying of the hat is recommended in a hanging position.

After the final drying, the bag is untied. If a bit of water got inside, it will not spoil the fur. Shake the pompon and lightly comb it.

A hat with a fur pompom stylishly adorns the closet of people of all ages who like sports, travel or prefer to spend their free time actively.

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