A Guide To The Best Makeup For Green Eyes

According to statistics, only 2% of the world’s population has green eyes. Girls often wonder how to make them more expressive and emphasize them with makeup. There are several ways to highlight green eyes. It is worth considering the basic nuances.

General Recommendations For Green Eyes

Owners of green eyes are fortunate because this shade is rare. To make your makeup as attractive as possible and not make a mistake, you should take into account several rules:

  • It is better to avoid red and brick shades to avoid making them look painful and ugly.
  • If there are doubts about the shade of shadows, it is recommended to prefer lilac, gold, or purple. These are the most advantageous colors that will help make the look expressive.
  • It is possible to highlight the eyes more with a black or brown pencil, but you should not do it often.
  • You can preserve the quality of the makeup by using an eyelid primer. If there is no such tool, you can use foundation.

These are just general rules that allow you to avoid common makeup mistakes.

It is not so easy for green-eyed beauties to choose a shade that will emphasize the look and make it more expressive. Makeup artists prefer shades that can complement the natural eye color. The top 5 best shades ranking includes:

  • Gold. It can also be bronze, champagne color, or rose gold. Such shades will perfectly complement green eyes regardless of the type of makeup.
  • Wine or Burgundy. Such a shade will look good on the eyelids of owners of blue-green eyes. It is worth noting that the wine color scheme is always in fashion.
  • Gray-brown. A neutral and simple shade is better to use together with brighter tones. The correct application of the color will give a stunning result.
  • Purple. Particularly accentuate the eye color in light purple shades, which can be used when applying daytime makeup or to create an evening mysterious image.
  • Smoky gray. Perfectly emphasize the saturated green shade. The use of black eyeliner will give an additional effect.

The choice of shade depends on the depth of color of the eyes, as well as the preferences of the girl. You can experiment with other colors, creating unique images if you wish.

Types Of Makeup

Makeup for green eyes can be different. It is worth considering a few basic options.

Monochrome Makeup

Simple makeup for those with no time or desire to create too overloaded makeup images. Basic shades:

  • pink;
  • blue;
  • gold;
  • metallic;

Beige colors are also suitable. In this case, it does not matter what texture of shadows a girl will use. The main rule of monochrome makeup is to use a high-quality foundation, which will not allow the shadows to fall or melt throughout the day.

Smoky Eyes

A spectacular makeup, which is ideal for creating an evening look. The most attention should be paid to the shading when applying makeup because it determines how mysterious you can make the look.

Makeup artists recommend using shades from the same palette to create the “Smoky eyes” effect. The rules of application:

  • First, you need to prepare the eyelid. This can be done with a primer or a small layer of foundation.
  • Then it is necessary to draw the space between the eyelashes. The procedure is performed using a dark pencil. When the line is made, it is required to sharpen it accurately.
  • The third stage implies the application of shadows. In this case, it is better to use dark tones in the eye’s outer corner and in the fixed eyelid’s part. Light ones, on the contrary, it is recommended to apply near the inner edge. The borders, in the end, will need to be shaded.

If necessary, you can dilute the makeup with a bright element. It should be applied in the middle of the mobile eyelid. It is also possible to draw under the mucous membrane with a dark pencil to make a more “predatory” look.

Brilliant Makeup

You can never have too much glitter, especially when it comes to decorating green eyes. To create an original makeup, you can use:

  • glitters;
  • rhinestones;
  • special shimmery shadows;
  • products with a metallic effect.

Makeup can be done in the same color scheme or using different shades. It is also possible to use shadows of different textures. In addition, makeup artists recommend painting eyelashes in 2 layers to attract the eyes of others.

Bright Makeup

Green eyes allow you to experiment with shadows. Attractive will look at the image using bright and saturated shades. You can also use sequins and rhinestones because, in 2022, it is fashionable.

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