A Few Ways To Decorate An Original Skirt

The choice of options for decorating the skirt depends on its fabric and style. You can decorate the skirt with your own hands if you consider a few solutions. For decorating we will need: satin ribbon, buttons, beads, stones, tulle, lace and more.

Decorating a skirt with sequins and beads

Tulip And Godet Skirt Embellishment

If the skirt is tulip-shaped and made of monochrome material, it can be decorated with a bow. To do this, you need to tie a bow at the waist with a satin ribbon. In addition, this type of decoration would be ideal for a pencil skirt with a high waist.

There is also a more complicated version. You will have to take a satin ribbon and run a purl stitch on both sides of it, 1 mm from the edge. Then you will have to tighten the thread so that the ribbon gathers on both sides. Then you will have to sew the ruffle on the back of the skirt on both sides along the middle seam from the waistband to the cut. Now you have to make a cute ribbon bow and sew it over the ruffle where the cut begins.

Tulip Skirt Decoration with Belt

The main accent of the gode skirt is the flowing pleats. A linen summer gode skirt can be trimmed with decorative cords in a complementary tone. To do this, you need to attach a lace in the form of different curls to the bottom of the skirt. In several places you can sew decorative stones to the gode.

Decorating A Flared Skirt

To trim a black flared skirt, you can sew a tulle bottom skirt. The pattern for making it can be taken from a sun skirt. It is imperative that the diameter of the waist on the petticoat and the gathered skirt are the same. You should know that the skirt should be 5 cm longer than the skirt. Tulle skirt should be stitched on the wrong side of the skirt. It will give additional volume. To emphasize the flirtatiousness, you can sew a tulle bow.

Rhinestone embellishment of a flared skirt

Black flared skirt can be decorated with lace flowers. To do this, you need to use a stencil to cut out of lace with your own hands the base of the flower. Take bright colors: yellow, red. The core should be made in a different colour. Next, sew the two parts together and attach a bright bead in the middle. Now you can sew it to the flared skirt.

A 5-7 cm wide leather fabric can be attached to the hem of a knitted sun skirt. Very stylish knit skirt if you sew on the front beads with a diameter of 6-8 mm at regular distances from each other.

Decorating a flared skirt with a transparent fabric insert

Decoration Of A Denim Miniskirt

Patches (pieces of fabric) can be made onto a denim skirt. Nowadays, in hardware stores you can find many ready-made patches, which you can simply attach to the skirt with an iron.

The mini-skirt can be decorated with an interesting belt made of satin ribbon, cord or beaded belt. You can also glue rhinestones to the front pockets of the miniskirt. They can be different sizes and colours. You can sew a white lace fabric to one back pocket of the denim mini skirt.

Making a denim mini skirt

Embroidering a denim miniskirt

Decorating A Straight Skirt And A Pencil Skirt

Straight skirt can be decorated with various decorative elements:

  • lace;
  • large buttons;
  • belt;
  • beads.

A black straight skirt can be embellished with three silver or gold buttons sewed on both sides. This closet piece can also be embellished with a thin, bright belt. To do this, you need to sew a few loops in the color of the skirt to fix the belt. The satin mini skirt can be embellished with beaded embroidery on the back pockets.

Decorating a straight knitted skirt with lace

A pencil skirt looks very sexy. However, you can add more originality to it. To decorate a black pencil skirt with your own hands, you need to cut a hole in the front and sew a zipper. You can sew it directly from top to bottom or make an oblique cut.

A pencil skirt can also have buttons in the middle from the top to the bottom or three buttons on both sides. To make the image sexier, you need to make a slit on the side, so the thigh will look out when walking.

Two-tone skirt with zipper

Decorating a pencil skirt with buttons

Decorating A Long Skirt

To decorate a long skirt, you can use:

  • lace;
  • braid;
  • satin or chiffon ribbon.

Decoration of a long skirt with lace

The lace can be put on the bottom of a long skirt or attached to the belt. It will be stylish and original.

Braid and chiffon ribbon will work as a belt for a long skirt.

A long linen sun skirt can be embellished by making a side gathering with a brooch. The linen skirt will look very romantic if you sew a strip of lace to the hem.

Lengthening a skirt with lace

Knitted Skirt Decoration For A Girl

The knitted skirt for girls is a very practical and stylish part of the closet. You can knit a bow, a butterfly or a flower with leaves and attach them to a skirt like this. You can also tie a belt with pompoms made of yarn, and thread a thin satin or chiffon ribbon through the skirt. For a knitted sundress, you can enhance an undercoat of tulle to enhance the outfit look festive.

Decorating With Lace And Braid

Skirts with lace elements have never left the catwalks. To decorate a skirt with lace with your own hands requires very short time.

You need to sew the lace to the bottom of the skirt. It can be made in layers, moving from the top to the bottom of the skirt. You can sew the lace so that it extends beyond the edges of the piece or runs along the bottom 5 cm wide on top of the skirt. Lace can even lengthen this piece of clothing.

Decorating a short skirt with lace

If you are going to braid a skirt, it is better to have several braid variants to give it a spiced look. You can sew a braid to the pockets.

Decorating a blue skirt with braid

Decorating a beige skirt with a braid at the bottom

Embroidery Decoration

This season, embroidery is among the most fashionable trends. Beautiful skirts decorated with such decorations are very popular in shopping malls today. You can decorate a skirt with embroidery with your own hands at home.

Embroidery can be made from sequins, beads and coloured threads. In addition, in stores that sell a variety of ready-made embellishments which you only need to sew to the skirt.

With these simple ways you can decorate any skirt and make it brighter, more fashionable and interesting.

Black lace skirt

Lilac skirt embellished with buttons

Short black skirt decorated with metal plates

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