A Detailed List Of What You Need For Makeup

Appearance is undoubtedly the calling card of every girl or woman. Therefore, it is essential that the face is always attractive, and to achieve this will help to choose the right makeup. However, the knowledge and skills to apply a unique makeup is not enough. It is important to prepare the necessary set of materials and tools that will help to create a perfect image.

Basic Set

Not all girls prefer to apply makeup. Some hardly wear any makeup. Therefore, every representative of fair sex should have a minimum beauty kit, with which it will be possible to hide the main flaws of the face and emphasize the achievements.


Makeup starts with it. It is a unique product that is applied at the beginning. With the help of the base, you can make your makeup more permanent and prevent the foundation, shadows, or powder from rolling away.

Tone cream

The second most crucial makeup product is used even by girls with near-perfect skin. The foundation helps to hide visible imperfections of the face in the form of fine lines, acne, or pimples.


The essential advantage of such a product is the visual refreshment of the image. With the help of blush, you can make your face more lively and attractive.


It accentuates the protruding parts of the face and is mainly applied on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. It gives a magical glow and attracts attention.


The product will fix the previous layers and prolong the life of the makeup. Manufacturers offer both mineral compositions and transparent colorless powders or special buffing cosmetics.

Eyebrow Gel

It is unnecessary to leave them without attention because the trend for volume and natural eyebrows is becoming increasingly popular recently. The gel will help to achieve the desired volume, as well as to arrange the hairs in the desired direction.


The use of mascara will not require any special skills that may be needed in the case of eyeliner, for example. Therefore, this product should also be included in the primary set because, with its help, it will be possible to make the look more expressive.

Lipstick or lip balm

At least one shade should be in your cosmetic bag. Some girls do not like to accentuate their lips; in this case, you can settle for a balm in lighter shades.

How To Choose

The right makeup makes it easier to apply makeup and makes it more long-lasting. Today, popular brands are ready to present a wide range of cosmetics, so it is not always easy to decide on a choice. To make the process easier, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Purpose. Choosing a cosmetic product depends on how it will be used later is essential. It is unnecessary to buy an eyeliner pencil and then use it for eyebrow makeup.
  2. Cost. It is not recommended to stop the choice of expensive products immediately. It is better to study the properties of cosmetics and read the reviews of those who have already used the brand’s products. Quite often, inexpensive beauty products demonstrate excellent performance.
  3. The manufacturer. Of course, in this case, preference should be given to well-known manufacturers engaged in releasing proven and quality cosmetics for more than a year.

Cosmetic products selected with the above recommendations will help create an attractive and confident image.


A basic kit should include cosmetics, accessories, and tools with which to apply makeup. Basic:

  1. Brushes. It is important to choose models with natural fleece. They are of the highest quality. For each cosmetic product, a separate brush should be used.
  2. Sponge. Necessary mainly for the application of foundation or foundation cream. Preference should be given to sets with sponges of different sizes and densities.
  3. Applicators. Also necessary for the application of makeup.
  4. Powderpuff. Suitable for distributing loose powder.
  5. Eyebrow brush. A separate tool, instead of which, if necessary, you can use a comb.

A basic kit may include other tools. The choice and quantity are determined by how much a girl or woman likes makeup.

Skin Care

Everyone wants her makeup to work right the first time and not take too long. To use a minimum of makeup, you should take the correct care of the top layer of the epidermis. The following products, which are recommended to include in the basic set of cosmetics, can help:

  • Foam or cleansing gel with biphasic cleansing;
  • Hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin;
  • products with SPF to protect the dermis from UV radiation.

Additionally, moisturize your skin in winter with thermal water. It is also recommended to periodically perform home peels to remove old cells and nourish the dermis with beneficial substances.

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