A Checkered Jacket Makes A Great Closet Addition

Some fashionable women think that plaid jackets are unpredictable clothes, for which it is difficult to choose a set. However, such models quite harmoniously complement both business and casual wardrobes.

For the image to look organic, you just need to carefully select the shades and accessories. If you follow a few rules, it is not difficult to make interesting combinations of clothes:

  • The generally accepted opinion is that in a set of clothes can only be a jacket in a plaid, and the other things should be monochrome;
  • If you absolutely want to add some item in a plaid, then the drawings of items/things must match in style and shade;
  • Jacket in a check is the base of the closet, so you must be extremely careful to use other things with a complex cut (with ruffles, frills or flounces). It is also recommended to choose the shoes correctly – models of discreet shades that support the colour palette of women’s jacket;
  • The plaid belongs to the classic patterns, but goes very well with modern clothes (denim pants or skirts, leggings).

Designers offer both traditional and original plaid jackets. There are quite a few of these prints. We can highlight a few of the most popular.

  • Burberry – four colours are used (black, white, sand, red).
  • Vichy is a pattern of a small cage, which is formed by two shades, and one of them is white. It should be noted that originally such a cage was used exclusively in everyday life – for sewing bed linen, tablecloths, curtains.
  • Tartan is the most popular pattern, which has its origins in the Scottish garment, the kilt. Since originally natural dyes were used to dye fabrics, individual places in Scotland used their own gamut of hues.
  • The goosefoot is a common pattern, which was brought into the world of fashion by Coco Chanel. The most popular wool jacket in plaid is made, as a rule, without a collar.

Colors And Styles Of Checkered Jackets

In order to create the image is not too stressful, it is recommended to pay attention to the clothing of neutral tones:

  • The gray or white plaid can be considered a universal closet item. Because with the right combination of clothes, you can compose an image for the office or a walk. Pants, dresses or skirts in black will give the image a rather austere working look. It is desirable to choose models with small checks in noncontrasting shades, and you can add some elegance to your closet with lacquered shoes or discreet silver jewelry;
  • Brown jacket looks democratic and easy to diversify your work closet, as well as everyday and promenade. Black jeans or a dark green dress will stylishly complement the set. In order not to have a lot of colour in the set, all the closet items should support the brown shades of the jacket.

The blue colour of checkered clothes always looks fresh and interesting. Sets with a skirt or pants will complement blouses or turtlenecks in shades of blue, green, pink, red or black.

Clothes in red or green plaid always catch the eye. So the pattern of large bright sizes is suitable for walking mood jackets, since the shallower the plaid, the quieter it appears. The dark blue plaid jacket will look great with black jeans or skirts/dresses, white blouses, turtlenecks.

Some designers offer non-standard closets, which combine things from different plaid materials. Such sets should be carefully crafted. The most “harmless” variant can be considered clothes, in which the same plaid is located vertically and horizontally on separate things.

Naturally, different styles of jackets are made from different fabrics. When choosing a model it is necessary to take into account not only the silhouette of the product, but also its pattern and colour.

Short and cropped fitted jackets with a small cage will look interesting on slender short women. But a tall girl can safely wear a wool jacket in a large plaid pattern. Ladies with full figures should pay attention to free-lengthened models with a small square. It is also known that the diagonal arrangement of the pattern visually distracts attention from problem areas.

In general, to find “your” plaid, you need to try on several models of jackets.

How To Wear A Plaid Jacket?

The ability to draw attention to yourself is a distinctive characteristic of this thing, so to create a more organic image, the rest of the clothes should have subtle tones.

Pants can be considered a universal addition to the plaid jacket. They can also be of different cuts, which is a significant advantage. The pants should be of a solid colour. The most suitable shades are black, gray, beige and white. The pants match harmoniously with the checkered material of this set for women.

Unconventional and stylish closet in which the cage is combined with jeans. It would seem that the classic and strict thing is not able to “keep company” with casual jeans. However, it is with these experiments that stylish and fashionable designs. And in addition to jeans you can safely wear blouses, socks, knitted tops.

When choosing a skirt, one should not be limited to a pencil skirt. A wide skirt to the floor and a shortened wool jacket in check are in complete harmony with each other. Business suits can be complemented by a dress jacket.

Modern fashion trends are so fast that sometimes it’s not easy to keep track of their changes. For this reason, it is so critical for every woman to have in her closet items that are not influenced by trends and are always in style. It is these clothes that are known as checkered jackets, and a correctly chosen model will always look stylish.

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