A Beautiful Eyebrow Shape: All The Secrets Of A Perfect Look

No bright lipstick and ultra-fashionable makeup can save you if your eyebrows look messy. They need to give them the right shape to make them look organic and harmonious. The type of face can determine it.

There are several types of faces – oval, round, elongated and triangular. The oval shape is considered ideal. It is characterized by a slightly pointed chin and smooth, beautiful features. The oval face is universal. Any form of eyebrows will look harmonious with this appearance.

In General

The ideal form of eyebrows is created according to a general algorithm, which is adjusted to the peculiarities of appearance according to the face type.

Every eyebrow consists of four points – the beginning, the rising point, the highest point, and the tip. The lift and highest point can often coincide. The start point and the end point should be on the same horizontal line.

The beginning of the eyebrow is traditionally on the same vertical line as the wing of the nose. If the wings of the nose are wide, draw a line from the middle of the wing. If the eyes are seated close to each other, this point should be shifted closer to the temples. This feature is often found in people with narrow faces. If the eyes are far apart, the beginning of the eyebrows should be moved closer to the center of the face. This peculiarity is often found in people with a round faces.

You can correct their length with a pencil or shadow if your eyebrows grow far apart. Use a pencil one tone lighter than the hair. Normally planted eyes should be at a distance equal to the width of the nose.

There are also close-set eyebrows that are a short distance apart. Once you have determined where the beginning of the eyebrow should be, the excess hairs need to be plucked. But it is necessary to remove them one by one, as, in this area, hairs usually do not grow densely and do not grow back well after plucking.

If a drooping eyelid is a problem or the eye’s outer corner has a naturally drooping shape, the tip of the eyebrow should be raised. A lowered tip will accentuate the problem.

The tip of the eyebrow is usually found like this. Draw a line from the wing of the nose that goes through the outer corner of the eye. Where this line will cross the eyebrow, there should be its endpoint.

The upper point is on the conditional line that runs from the wing of the nose through the middle of the pupil.

When building an eyebrow, its width from the beginning to the highest point must be the same, i.e. the lines of its upper and lower boundary must run parallel.

The distance from the tip of the nose to the highest point of the eyebrow should be equal to the distance from the tip of the nose to the chin.

Below you will learn how to match the shape of the eyebrows to your face type.

Round Face

The correct form of eyebrows for a round face is with clear lines. Arc-shaped lines will emphasize the imperfections of the appearance. The future shape of eyebrows for a round face is drawn with a pencil. The hairs that are beyond the borders will need to be plucked with tweezers.

In this case, the head of the eyebrow should be straight. So we put a straight line at the beginning. Then find the highest point of the eyebrow and draw a straight line from the beginning to this point. The bottom line should run parallel, not tapering. Then draw. The ponytail must also have a clear outline. The ponytail should not be very long. If your hairs are not enough to give such a shape, you need to finish them with a pencil. Over time, they will grow, and drawing them will not be necessary.

After creating the borders of the future eyebrow with a pencil, it is necessary to pluck out the excess hairs.

If the upper eyelid is narrow, you must apply a light shadow under the brow when creating makeup. In this way, you can widen this border. The wide area above the eyelid is corrected with darker shadows.

Now you know what shape of eyebrows is necessary for a round face, and you can create perfect eyebrows at home in 3 minutes.

A Face With An Elongated Shape

For girls with such a face, eyebrows with a pronounced bend are contraindicated. Such shape will make the face even more elongated. Therefore the correct form of eyebrows in such appearance is straight or slightly rounded.

The beginning of the eyebrow can be straight or smooth. This is where you can experiment. The bottom line of the eyebrow should be straight. The upper line narrows closer to the tip. In this case, the hairs can be plucked at the top of the eyebrow, which in other cases is not recommended.

For these types of faces, it is better to make thick eyebrows. Otherwise, they will look like a mime.

Triangular Face

Straight eyebrows are not recommended in this case, as they visually sharpen the facial features. But a curved shape will help to create harmony. The line of the eyebrows should be smooth along its entire length.

First, we find the upper point of the eyebrow and raise it a little. And the head and the tail should be slightly lowered. Connect the points with a smooth arc from above and below and remove unnecessary hairs. Make the ponytail thin.

Rounded eyebrows will also suit a square face.

Plucking Process

A beautiful eyebrow shape is usually created using three tools:

  • Tweezers. Good tweezers allow you to pluck hairs without breaking them. So it is better to spend a lot of money and buy a quality tool. Tweezers you buy once for several years, so you can not save money here;
  • small scissors. You can use manicure scissors;
  • A brush for combing eyebrows. You can replace it with a mascara brush.

There is also the correction of eyebrows with thread. This method of oriental beauty is better carried out in a salon, as it requires special skills. Correction of eyebrows with thread allows you to remove even the smallest and most inconspicuous hairs.

How to make perfect eyebrows? First, brush the hairs to the highest point of the eyebrow from bottom to top. Comb the hairs that are behind the highest point downwards. Shorten the hairs that extend beyond the lower and upper boundaries. We put the scissors 2 mm above the border. You can skip the scissors step if you don’t like your eyebrows with clear outlines.

Now let’s start working with tweezers. For this purpose, it is necessary to define in advance the suitable form, and if necessary, it is necessary to create it with a pencil. Then it is necessary to pluck out superfluous hairs, beginning from an area under an eyebrow.

It is not recommended to pluck hairs in front of a mirror, which has magnifying power. It distorts the real size, as a result we create too thin eyebrows. It is better to correct the shape in front of an ordinary mirror and in natural light.

It is very important to pluck hairs in the direction of their growth. Otherwise, ingrown hairs may appear in their place.

It is also important to grasp the hair at the root, so it is completely removed. And there is no need to pull it out. It is enough to pull the hair and come out by itself. There is less trauma to the skin.

Before plucking, you must disinfect your skin, tweezers and hands.

It is not recommended for girls under 17 to have their eyebrows plucked, especially to make them very thin. It can cause new hairs not to grow back.

Makeup Correction

Now you know how to make a beautiful eyebrow shape, and if they are not thick enough, you can fix it with makeup – pencil and shadows. First, we apply the makeup. Then we make a shading with a brush to create a more natural look.

If you are working with shadows or a pencil, remember that the eyebrow can’t have a uniform colour. The tip is usually the darkest, the middle is lighter, and the beginning is the lightest. This rule will allow you to create perfect eyebrows at home.

To fix the position of the hair, use clear mascara. It has a brush that both apply the product and shapes the eyebrows.

You can also use coloured eyebrow gel for correction. It gives shape and direction and makes their colour more saturated.

Makeup artists usually use a mixed technique to correct eyebrows. The tip is drawn with a pencil, the rest with shadows. Then the result is fixed with gel. In addition, the area under and above the eyebrow is traced with a specific colour corrector, which creates the necessary shade and makes a face look more alive. This corrector can also correct the nose’s width and its wings’ shape.

Periodically, the correction of the eyebrows should be carried out in the salon. Then you need to maintain the result.

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