Make Your Home Cozy in 7 Steps

Raindrops pounding on the window sill, loud peals of thunder, and the smell of damp certainly create a special atmosphere. But someone who so enjoys a fall downpour is unlikely to want to walk down the street in cold weather, soaking wet. It’s much more pleasant to watch the raindrops of rain streaming down the window while lying in your soft bed with hot tea in your hands.

What is comfort?

Each of us puts a different meaning into this concept. Someone feels comfortable in a creative mess, among a pile of favorite and expensive things.

And someone enjoys minimalism, tries to put things in their original place, likes space and order. These people have one thing in common – they all feel cozy and every evening they hurry to get home as soon as possible.

It can be difficult to create a cozy environment. From time to time there are doubts that something is missing. It’s great if you have a sense of style and always know how to make everything look perfect. If you’re having trouble creating home comfort, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

In the cold autumn this problem is quite urgent, so we decided to help you and prepared a 7-step guide, through which you decorate the interior and create the desired atmosphere.

Do you often pay attention to little things? Agree that sometimes they are the ones that affect the holistic perception of a room. But what else?

Step 1: Light Sources to Make Home Cozy

Lighting plays a significant role in the interior. When you look at pictures for inspiration, notice that almost always a soft warm light prevails in the room. And to create it, you can’t do without beautiful light fixtures, twinkling garlands and wax candles. Add as much light as you think you need.

The variety of shapes and sizes ensures that this decor will be appropriate in any room. The fragrance that a single candle can fill your room will be a nice addition.

Step 2: Making Home More Cozy With Plants

House plants are a great element of decor. You have no idea how many kinds of them there are. So if you have trouble choosing, buy several.

Wonderfully fit into the home environment of a dracena, agave, philodendron or succulent.

Most importantly, don’t make them suffer by drying up with thirst. Remember that they are now family members. Flowers need care and watering. Each plant will thank you for your care and delight you with its beauty.

Choose pretty pots for the flowers, the right size and color. It is important that they match the interior.

Step 3: Snippets of the Past

Nothing is more uplifting than old photographs that can take us back to the past and allow us to relive the joyful moments. When you look at the photos, you are completely absorbed in memories, striving to feel the emotions that you felt as if yesterday.

Don’t hide expensive pictures in an album that has been gathering dust in a closet for years. Better make a collage on the wall or frame them. Let them lift your spirits on bad days and remind you that things will get better.

Step 4: Unique Details

Add a piece of your soul – make home decor from hand-made materials with your own hands. Vases, wall clocks, lamps, coasters and other small things. Ideas on this subject are endless. Even designer pots for flowers, photo frames and candles you can make yourself.

Knitted things come into play, too. The decor you put so much effort and time into will not only create coziness, but will be very dear to your heart. It’s so great to be able to contribute to the home atmosphere in this way.

Once you start creating, you get so caught up in the process that it’s hard to stop, it’s a test! You can go from small details to more radical ones, like creating a complete piece of furniture. In any case, it is worth a try.

You can also depict a place you’ve been to or a positive event from your life on canvas. The picture will fit perfectly into the interior. And looking at it, you’ll indulge in memories of a wonderful time spent.

Step 5: Color scheme

Whatever room you enter, it is decorated in a certain palette. It is the palette that creates the appropriate mood, or on the contrary, repulses. To begin with, let’s understand the influence of color schemes on the interior.

A monochromatic palette will make the room feel more spacious and whole. Warm shades will help create a pleasant, cozy atmosphere, but need to be diluted with cooler colors.

A cold range, by the way, is usually used in the design of work areas, because it promotes the adoption of non-standard solutions.

Neutral shades are really versatile and suitable for different interior styles. The analog scheme is based on the main shade and an extra two from the color wheel. It will give the room brightness and colorfulness.

Now that you’re familiar with the colors, which shade will you choose?

Step 6: Soft textiles

Does anyone rest on a hard bed at all? We’d be very surprised if so. What else but soft pillows, blankets and plaids add comfort and keep us warm in the fall? Don’t forget the warmth of your feet – put a tufted rug on the floor.

Such textiles are exceptionally pleasant and also pleasing to the eye. Careful, if you overdo the amount of soft things, there is a chance that you do not want to get out of bed!

Step 7: Perfect Cleanliness

When you hear the word order, you involuntarily remember the holy rule of childhood – no mess in the room. We have grown up, but we still follow it. But not to please our parents, but to feel comfortable.

Of course, some creative people prefer clutter and chaotic arrangement of things, but we still advise to at least try to bring cleanliness into the room. You will get that same feeling of coziness, and your mood will improve and, you’ll see.


Our tips are pretty easy to follow. You’re probably already thinking about implementing one of these ideas. Put a little bit of yourself into the interior, it will add uniqueness to your ideas. We’re excited to see what you end up with and how your home is transformed!

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