2022 Fashionable Woman Hats: A Stylish Accessory For The New Year

Headwear can not only complement the image, to add zest, but also irrevocably ruin it. Due to this, most of the fair sex crossed out this accessory from their closet, and they did it in vain as the trend of the coming season will be fashionable women’s hats.

There are many variants of this headwear for women in the collections of famous designers – Fausto Puglis, Elisabetta Franchi, Gucci, and many others. Hats enhance the images of models, making them original and unique.

So why not buy a couple or three fashionable hats and enjoy walking in them on the streets of the city, catching the admiring glances of passersby. However, before you go to the store for a stylish hat, it is worth knowing what kind of hats are in fashion. In addition, it is worth knowing what should be considered when choosing them.

What To Look For When Choosing A Hat?

Decide what the fall-winter of 2022 will be – bright or romantic. It is enough to create an unforgettable image and complement it with a fashionable hat. Women may not consider this hat option because they are not sure what to wear it with.

What features should you look for when choosing a 2022-2018 hat?


Beige, black and gray will be popular in the fall and winter of 2022, so hats in this colour scheme will look stylish.

Designers chose burgundy, soft green, blue and azure for the closet in order to bring a bright note to a gray and overcast season. The main thing to pay attention to is calmness and harmony. The colour scheme should complement the image and not be used to accentuate the hat.


Noble materials are used to make hats for the year 2022. These include leather, natural fur (short-cut) and suede. Felt hats are hot this season.


Fashionable hats 2022 are represented by all kinds of models – wide-brimmed, fedora, fur, cloche, slouch, cape, canotier, knit hats, as well as hats in cowboy style. All of them are different. Each model is unique and has some features that give the image a particular touch.

Of all the variety of popular today’s models, you can certainly find one that will suit a particular image. In order to better understand what hats 2022 are and what they are best combined with, let’s study each of them in more detail.

The opinion that hats do not suit all women has long been dispelled. Especially nowadays, when this accessory has become so popular, and the possibility of combinations of one or another model has become much wider.

Fashionable Hats 2022:

  • Fedora – the distinction of this model is a high crown and narrow sides. And if not so long ago it was worn mainly with classic clothes, today it is successfully combined with boyfriends, leather jackets, massive sweaters, cardigans or dresses in the hippie style.
  • A hat with a wide brim is a fashionable model of this season, but only girls of high stature can afford it. In this case it will make them even more refined and elegant. You can combine this model with a pantsuit, as well as with a chic vest made of fur, or dress-box.
  • Women’s fur hat is a great option for winter. Models, as a rule, are made of short-cut fur, have small margins, the crown is smooth, rounded shape. It looks harmoniously with the classic models of winter clothes – coats, down jackets.
  • Cowboy style – this trend should be treated with special attention, because a wrongly chosen closet can disfigure the image. In order to prevent this, it is not recommended to combine a hat in the cowboy style with sports clothes or made in the military style. It is better to combine it with flared pants or jeans, a shirt, T-shirt.
  • The cloche is a versatile model that girls with different face shapes and hair lengths can afford. This bell-shaped headdress was in fashion in the 20s. It gives a feminine and romantic image. Perfectly combines with the outer clothing of men’s cut.
  • A slouch is a headdress with a characteristic rounded crown and soft, slightly lowered edges. This model can be called the most feminine. In combination with a pantsuit and jeans the image is gentle and romantic.
  • Canotier – the world got to know about this headdress thanks to Coco Chanel. She slightly modified the straw version of this model, resulting in a restrained and simultaneously romantic accessory. It is characterized by a low crown. In some models its height does not exceed 3 centimeters. Such hats are a trend in 2022, but they are not suitable for every outfit. The most successful combines canotier with evening outfits.
  • Knitted hats – for girls this option is a godsend, because even a novice needlewoman can easily crochet this accessory. Classic variants of outerwear will suit it. When choosing this model of a hat, you should not forget about the trending colours, which were discussed above. It should be calm shades, without mottled introductions and transitions of colours – everything is laconic and simple. To introduce a flavor, you can use the decor, with which also do not overdo it.
  • Capes are another amazing novelty of the Fall-Winter 2022 season. The most popular caps are made of felt. They can be combined with most closet items. The most successful combination is a stylish fur vests, leather goods, jeans and even a classic coat or cardigan.

Autumn-winter hats for 2021-2022 allow the fair sex to remain a woman, to be mysterious, romantic, and gentle. If you are faced with a choice – practical knitted hats or fashionable hats for autumn-winter 2022 – make a choice in favor of the latter option, because in addition to all the advantages these models have one more thing – a gorgeous hairstyle or styling. Most models of hats are well shaped, so you do not have to worry about how your hair will look after removing the hat.

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