1950s Style Makeup

In the 50s, girls were the epitome of beauty and femininity. This time is characterized by provocative outfits, bright makeup, thin waists, high heels, and puffy skirts. The standard of female beauty of this period went down in world history: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Sophia Loren. Even her husband rarely saw his wife without perfect makeup. This image is created mainly for theme nights or photo shoots and remains one of the most conspicuous.

The Basic Canons Of Makeup

In this decade, women wanted to feel like queens. Even at home, they looked impeccable, and a daily hairdressing session at the hairdresser became commonplace. The real woman of the ’50s was characterized as:

  1. She had raised wide eyebrows with a thin ponytail. They replaced the unnaturally plucked threads, creating an intriguing and mesmerizing look.
  2. Graceful arrows and thickly painted voluminous lashes. The ladies did everything to make their eyes stare.
  3. A light aristocratic skin tone. The eyebrows, eyes, and lips stood out even more on that shade of the face.
  4. Scarlet lipstick. It was the one that was noticeable even from the black-and-white screen.
  5. Painted moles above her upper lip or on her cheek. For some reason, it was that detail that made a girl look flirty.

How To Create A Look

Every girl can turn herself into a 1950s coquette for a photo, an event, or her own pleasure. But many elements of such a look can also be adapted to modern fashion and make a competent daytime makeup.


Do not neglect the base for makeup. You need to hide any flaws and irregularities of the skin, so choose a dense foundation with a matte finish. You may safely choose a foundation that is 1-2 shades lighter but does not forget to apply it to your neck, so there is no contrast. Be sure to fix your makeup with powder. A girl of this time did not need to create natural makeup. It was a matter of pride for her.

Blushes were not popular, but if they were used, they were chosen in natural shades: peach, pale pink, and light brown, and were well blushed in the direction of the temples. It is not necessary to sculpt the face, but it is better to lift and emphasize cheekbones with a bronzer.


This stage is the most significant. Wide, clear eyebrows with a long tip and a sharp corner are becoming popular. The tips of the eyebrows, of course, do not have to be plucked and redrawn. But it is necessary to conceal the extra hairs with concealer, and the missing corners and the long tip should be finished. Start by creating a clear line on the bottom of the eyebrow, using a shadow or a pencil. Then draw the desired shape. Choose your own color, but a few shades darker than your eyebrows.

Pearl and shimmer shadows were at the peak of popularity. So you could cover the entire upper eyelid with a shimmery shade and not worry too much about blurring. The best choice was silver, but at that time, everything that was bright and noticeable was fashionable, especially turquoise, green, blue, gold, and purple.

Striking cat-eye arrows are the first makeup accent. The choice is either thin, graceful, or wide, creating a doll-like look. The line should start from the inner corner of the eye and thicken to the outer. Fluffy eyelashes can be made by docking the bunches or dyeing your own in several layers with black mascara. Be sure to trace the inter-eyelash contour to give expressiveness to the eyes and add lushness to the lashes.


This look in modern realities asks for nude lipstick colors, but in the 50s, the second accent was on the lips. Therefore, they should be lush and plump. A correct shade is between bright pink and scarlet, necessarily matte. You can also choose terracotta, carrot, and classic red berry shades.

To create a rich color, lightly powder your lips, then take a pencil in tone to accentuate the Cupid’s bow and draw the contour. The lipstick is best applied in several layers with a flat, rounded brush to add intensity to the color.

How To Choose A Hairstyle

It is without this important detail that you can’t complete the look. In those days, curls were made on hard aluminum curlers and held firmly. Sleeping on them was a “pleasure.” But hair acquired lushness and volume. They were often fixed by improvised means: beer or sugar syrup. In those days, mass production of cosmetics for hair was beginning. In the 1950s, it became fashionable to bleach hair to an almost unnatural color. But even hot brunettes could be seen on posters from those days. What hairstyle to choose:

  • Perfect curls from chin to shoulder blades
  • High ponytail with curled ends
  • Giant nachos, along with a big roll of hair at the nape or crown
  • Brigitte Bardot’s “Babette” hairstyle

The makeup of the ’50s was characterized by flirtatiousness, romanticism, and exaggerated femininity, shaped by the early30s and ’40s. Nowadays, there is no need for such a look, but makeup in the pin-up or retro style is still prevalent.

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